is dedicated to raising awareness, support and giving back to the communities in the Merrimack Valley. The Walk was created in 2004, in honor of two colleagues from the Department of Children and Families located in Lawrence who were diagnosed with cancer at ages 25 & 27. Lets March Against Cancer raises financial and community support to those whose life has changed due to the impact of cancer. Let's March organizes an annual 4 mile walk on the Lawrence riverfront that attracts over 500 walkers and runners from across the region.

Let's March is supported and operated through the generosity of volunteer staff and local businesses who provide financial and in-kind resources to bring much needed attention to cancer treatment and research. Half of the proceeds from the annual walk are donated to an individual in the community that is diagnosed with cancer and the other half is donated to the American Cancer Society.

Let's March is dedicated to the memory of Jamie Richard and Ceylin Guillermo and to all of our friends and family members who have been impacted by cancer.
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